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Hi all,

Diskpart calls it a “Volume Type” and the Disk Management snap-in calls it a “Volume Layout.” The VDS (‘superseded’ in Win8) indicates that this property is provided by VDS Hardware/Software Providers. Sure enough, so far I’ve only found references to it in VDS documentation (VDS_VOLUME_TYPE: VDS_VT_SIMPLE/SPAN/STRIPE/MIRROR/PARITY). Looking further I haven’t found any structures that allow a device to respond to an IOCTL supplying this information and there are no CM or Volume API that jump out at me where this is exposed to user-mode callers.

Question for those that have supplied this hint/property before – does everyone create a VDS Provider (even though it’s ‘superseded’) to expose this property or do you expose it a different way and let whatever user-mode API retrieve it from there? In other words, is this a configuration that devices store in the registry, on disk, or does it *have* to be registered through VDS (again, even though it’s been labeled as superseded).

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