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The Latest About Moving NTFSD

NTFSD Members,

We're making good progress with the move. The latest status update is available


Topics I've addressed:

- Keeping the archives:
TL;DR we're working on it. We'll keep them one way or another. We'll let you

- Initial attempt to make the "all email list" -- that is, the list of users
who'll be able to get via email very post made to every list (if they so
TL;DR If you care about this, see the link above and you can check to see if
you're on the list.

We've created an email alias for feedback and comments related to the community
move: CommunityMove at OSR (note, not OSRONLINE) dot com. Feel free to use that
alias to send your comments.

Thanks for your feedback and interest so far,


Peter Viscarola

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