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Writefile return ACCESS_DENIED on shared network

Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 25
I'am on my driver filesystem and i share a directory of my disk.
I share a directory from my virtual disk , i see my network share.

Problem :
WriteFile return error ACCESS_DENIED on a file shared network of my virtual disk filesystem

Why ?


  • Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 25
    I added :
    When i copy file "API runtime 'CopyFileEx'" from native disk into network directory shared disk filesystem, it's OK IRP_MJ_WRITE return STATUS_SUCCESS,

    problem asynchronous ??
  • Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 25
    My problem is :
    The IRP_MJ_WRITE is not called only on a file from shared directory virtual disk filesystem.

    I tested with FileTest , IRP_MJ_WRITE is called if 'DesiredAccess' passed into 'NtCreateFile' has not bit DELETE (0x10000).

    I have this problem only if it's a file from shared directory of virtual disk.

    I had shared the directory with right write, read with the user 'everyone'
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