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Problem about share network directory

Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 25
I am on my driver virtual disk filesystem,
the UNC work and I can make multiple UNC.
When I mount a virtual disk filesystem on an empty directory (set reparse), it works good.
But when I share (network share (Explorer -> Property -> Tab Sharing)) a directory from my virtual disk filesystem ,
then i not view the icon shared in the explorer and when I want to access through the network
I get have the error:
The specified server cannot perform the requested op?ration

What solution do you have?

Thank you


  • Scott_Noone_(OSR)Scott_Noone_(OSR) Administrator Posts: 3,016
    Run Process Monitor on the server side and check for failing operations from
    the System process.

    WireShark on the client can also help.



  • Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 25
    FindNextFile return error ERROR_BAD_NET_RESP

    wchar_t *s=L"\\\\Desktop-j0kvj3n\\cbon !!!!vdfs\\*.*";
    WIN32_FIND_DATAW ws;
    HANDLE ff=FindFirstFileW(s,&ws);
    while (1)
    if (FindNextFileW(ff,&ws)==FALSE)
    int err=GetLastError();

    return 0;
    Why ?
    I'm sending the correct information in the case of FileBothDirectoryInformation.

    I don't understand !
  • Gova_GimerGova_Gimer Member - All Emails Posts: 25
    Problem now solved ,
    I send god information.
    But WriteFile return ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED if a file is since network.
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