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filesystem mini filter driver and WHQL test

Rohit_KhajindarRohit_Khajindar Member Posts: 11
I created one sample file system mini filter driver in Visual Studio 2017, driver is test signed, but this driver is not gets detected on WQHL machine.
But same sample driver I create on Visual studio 2015 it get detected easily on WQHL machine.
So is there any other way to get your minifilter driver which is compiled on VS 2017 gets qualify for WHQL test.

Thank you in advance.


  • Eric_BergeEric_Berge Member Posts: 27
    This does not sound like the problem you're running into since it is sensitive to the version of Visual Studio used, but I have seen issues where I needed to be sure the driver was installed on the test machine before installing the HCK/HLK test suite otherwise it didn't recognize the driver. Just throwing this out there but again I don't think it applies since saw this behavior with Visual Studio 2012. This might be due to being a file system driver (not a filter) as well.

  • Rohit_KhajindarRohit_Khajindar Member Posts: 11
    Eric thank you for your reply.

    I will try this method to install driver before HCK/HLK test suite installation.
  • Rohit_KhajindarRohit_Khajindar Member Posts: 11

    I try method which was suggested by you, but still facing same issue.

    is there any other way to get your driver detected in WHQL test.
  • Eric_BergeEric_Berge Member Posts: 27
    We also have a file system mini-filter (which is what I assume you have rather than a legacy filter) so I just tried that with both the HCK and HLK and it did recognize it. And this was compiled with Visual Studio 2015, as yours is.

    Did you verify that it was loaded with fltmc before installing the HCK and HLK? I expect it was and this is something else that I have not run into.

    Anyway, I'm expecting your next step will probably be to engage with Microsoft on this if someone else on this forum doesn't have any other thoughts on this. Be sure to tell Microsoft that you confirmed that fltmc shows the driver loaded and yet the HCK and/or HLK tests do not detect the presence of the driver.

  • Rohit_KhajindarRohit_Khajindar Member Posts: 11

    My sample for file system mini-filter which is complied with Visual Studio 2015 works fine but I am having problem for driver which is compiled with Visual Studio 2017.

    The driver compiled with Visual Studio 2017 in not get detected. fltmc also shows the driver is loaded.

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