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Signature field for SRB_IO_CONTROL structure

PKPK Member Posts: 15
I am trying to send an IOCTL command using IOCTL_SCSI_MINIPORT control function.
When I setup the header using the SRB_IO_CONTROL structure, what should be set in signature field?



  • Tai-Hing_TseTai-Hing_Tse Member - All Emails Posts: 20
    The value used in the SRB_IO_CONTROL's signature field is defined by each HBA vendor and validated by the vendor-specific miniport driver.
  • Sven_KreamerSven_Kreamer Member Posts: 34
    Typically this value is the filename of the miniport driver. However, this is a curious question to come up because this IOCTL and SCSI miniports should not need to be developed anymore.
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