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Issue in receiving MAUSB packets through WiFi Direct and WiFi in Windows 10

SarinSarin Member Posts: 1
We were sending MAUSB packets through Wi-Fi Direct/Wi-Fi between two Windows systems. Used TP-Link WN821N Wi-Fi adapter for the experiments. The following behaviour was found:

Wi-Fi Direct connection:
On the receiver machine (Windows 10) unable to receive none of the MAUSB packets.

Wi-Fi connection:
When analysed the received packets using Wireshark, the packets are corrupted. DMAC and SMAC information are correct. EtherType/length field is corrupted. From EtherType onwards 8 byte of data got added and actual data got shifted, i.e. the received packet length is 8 byte more than the transmitted.

When wired connection was used, the same packets were received on Windows machine successfully.

When used Linux system as receiver the packets were received successfully through Wi-Fi Direct as well as Wi-Fi interface.

What could be the issue?

Thanks and regards,
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