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NDIS LWF StartType connectivity issues

John-6John-6 Member Posts: 57
I'm having connectivity issues with my LWF. If StartType is set to 1 (loads at boot) then the network adapter does not connect (yellow exclamation icon is shown). Only if I toggle the LWF in the adapter settings will the connection work or if I set the driver service to start on-demand and reboot. This particular driver does not need to load at boot so it is not an issue but I'd like to know what the problem is in case I need to create a LWF in the future that does need boot time support. I've tested this on Win7, 8.1 and 10 and they all have this problem. The driver is based heavily on the NDIS filter example and is set as an optional, monitoring filter.

HKR, Ndi,FilterType,0x00010001,1
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces,UpperRange,,"noupper"
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces,LowerRange,,"nolower"
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, FilterMediaTypes,,"ethernet"
HKR, Ndi,FilterRunType,0x00010001, 0x00000002 ; Optional filter

Is there something I should be doing (or possibly not doing) in FilterAttach/Pause/Restart to prevent this behavior?
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