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Partmgr bug still happening after W10 RS2

Javier_GuerreroJavier_Guerrero Member Posts: 24
Hi folks,

Last year I came across an issue with my upper filter for disk devices and Windows 10 RS2 (version 1703), I posted the case here ( and after some research from myself and other guys, it was Mr Scott Noone from OSR who came to the conclusion that there was some sort of race condition bug in Partmgr, specifically in PmSendTelemetry function.

I was hoping that Microsoft might fix it in further revisions, but I am testing right now in a Win10 version 1709 (build 17025.1000, an Insiders Preview version) and the problem is still there.

So maybe someone from MS might shed some light about the issue and maybe confirm if they plan to fix it, or at least advise some workaround, not involving the removal of DriverUnload function.



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