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ndis im driver and Windows 10

Shashank_RamShashank_Ram Member Posts: 47
Hi, I have an NDIS 6.40 IM MUX driver that works perfectly on Win8.1 I am seeing a bunch of different issues while trying to get this work on Windows 10 (Server 2016) version 1607.

I have tried the following:
1. With NDIS 6.50, the registry entries are not setup when my driver tries to read the bindings information, and hence the protocol bind function fails. As a result the miniport
adapters are in disabled state. The problem goes away on a reboot but this breaks our installation workflow.

2. With NDIS 6.60, as soon as the MINIPORT_INITIALIZE function completes, the MINIPORT_HALT routine gets called by NDIS, causing the miniports to be destroyed.

I am not sure what needs to be done to be able to create miniports succesfully on Server 2016 (Windows 10). Looks like there are some changes in the netcfg layer, causing NDIS IM driver installation to fail on Windows 10.
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