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extended attributes in kmdf filter driver

I want information from KEYBOARD_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTES structure. How can I get this? For some IOCTL_ my function is called but not for all.
I read about the Ioctl but can not find what must be configured that my function is called with IOCTL_KEYBOARD_QUERY_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTES.


  • I played more with keyboard IOCTL. If the user press the indicator keys, IOCTL_KEYBOARD_SET_INDICATORS is triggered and I want to tell that I have interest in this request and therefore I call WdfRequestRetrieveOutputMemory(Request, &outputMemory); but this function returns with error code STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL How can I extend the buffer for this request?
    By the way the InputBufferLength is 4 and this match exactly the KEYBOARD_INDICATOR_PARAMETERS structure.
    Should I call WdfRequestRetrieveInputBuffer?
  • I have it. I must use WdfRequestRetrieveInputMemory for the 'SET' IOCTL IRP.
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