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Invalid mouse input data in mouclass upper filter


I have modified moufiltr.sys to work for USB mice. In my ServiceCallback routine, the LastX and LastY struct members of the start MOUSE_INPUT_DATA are always invalid when I run the filter driver on my local machine. These values are either 0 or a large value when I move the mouse around. When I test this filter driver in a vm the LastX and LastY members appear to be legitimate values which react based on how I move my mouse. I am assuming the difference in behavior between my local machine and the vm has to do with the two vmware mouse devices, but I cannot figure out how to achieve this on my local machine.

My goal is to be able to read the LastX and LastY values in my ServiceCallback routine so that I know how the user is moving the mouse. Can anyone explain what I need to do in order to achieve this?

Thank you!
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