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ndis intermediate mux driver with windows 10

Shashank_RamShashank_Ram Member Posts: 47
Hi, I have an ndis intermediate mux driver using NDIS 6.40 that works perfectly on Windows 8.1. When I try to compile the driver for Windows 10 platform with WDK 10 and run it on Windows 10, the miniports don't get installed.

I have a notify object DLL for the driver, and I see that the INetCfgClassSetup::Install() function for the miniport never returns, and my driver fails to load because it can't read a registry key that was never setup by the notify object.

I also noticed that the sample MUX driver in the WDK samples had this issue, but it was able to create 1 miniport. I am not sure what the issue is here or how to proceed, because it seems like an MS bug at this point.

I came across a couple of posts with similar issues but no solution:

Has MS dropped support for IM drivers on Windows 10?
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