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Why were string commands removed from Windbg workspace?

Ladislav_ZezulaLadislav_Zezula Member - All Emails Posts: 65
I have my own WinDbg extension (.dll) with a few helpers that I wrote over the years. The extension also includes "self-registration" into WinDbg, which adds the:

.load MyExtension.dll\n

command to all existing workspaces. This was implemented by adding a WSP_ENTRY with the above command.

This no longer works in the WinDbg 10.0.16299.15. I did some reversing and found out that in WinDbg 10.0.10240.9, the function responsible for applying workspace "Workspace::Apply()" used to call:

switch 0x35: // Multi-string command
AddStringMultiCommand((LPCWSTR)(pWspEntry + 1), ...)

whilst in 10.0.16299.15:

switch 0x35: // Multi-string command - most probably commented out

Why? This was very useful feature to me - extensions could have registered auto-run commands which limited some of the Windbg's annoying features, like ".prompt_allow +reg", which is turned off by default while kernel debugging.

Is there any replacement, apart from "Windbg.exe -c ".load MyExtension.dll" ?

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