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Re[2]: Docker for Windows

Peter_ScottPeter_Scott Member - All Emails Posts: 750
One thing to consider here, and I only started working with the Windows
containers about a year ago so take this with a grain of salt, is the
'normal' Windows containers only runs the user mode code within the
container. The kernel modules are all regularly running filter drivers,
etc. in the stacks of the host system. There are APIs to determine what
container the request is being made. Of course, the fully virtualized
Windows containers runs both user and kernel mode modules within the


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From: [email protected]
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Sent: 8/28/2017 2:47:57 PM
Subject: RE:[windbg] Docker for Windows

>I'll try to get it going tomorrow and let you know. Visual Studio
>debugging remotely in user-mode appears to work fine. For kernel-mode
>when an OS is virtualized, one uses named pipes. With containers I'm
>not sure if COMn can be configured as a named pipe. It's looking like
>the latest patch from MS has got docker on anniversary working more
>like how it works on Server 2016, but this is a guess. Maybe I can
>configure the latest version to use hyper visor for the Windows
>containers and maybe I can configure a named pipe there.
>Right now it is a guessing game here as our team is fairly new to
>Docker for Windows. They asked me to try and see if kernel-mode can be
>debugged. It's not really a requirement now, but if it does work it
>would be nice to know.
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