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Re: Missing Headers In UMDF2 + VS2015

Tim_RobertsTim_Roberts Member - All Emails Posts: 13,004 wrote:
> Currently i just disabled Inf2Cat in VS2015 and error gone away. I will follow ur suggestion after some time. Thank You for this.
> One more issue am having now.
> Am building Windows7 miniport driver on VS2015. This should generate an .sys. But I doubt any wrong VS2015 template selection could end-up with below errors.
> This seems specific to WPP tracing. If my Win7 driver source is having them enabled. Then VS2015 should take it by-default. Any suggestion from ur end.

The current Windows Driver Samples includes Visual Studio projects for
the netvmini sample. You don't really have to reinvent all of this.

> Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
> Error wpp (FileMapping::Open) Unable to open file 'trace.h', error code 2 RRRBRRnetvmini C:\aa\NDIS\RRRBRRnetvmini\tracewpp 1

The sample expects to find trace.h in the base directory, not the
tracewpp folder.

Tim Roberts,
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

Tim Roberts, [email protected]
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.


  • Satya_MishraSatya_Mishra Member - All Emails Posts: 13

    Thanks creating for this new thread. I should have done this. Thanks

    I understand the sample uses trace.h but it has no impact on my driver build. This i got to know after migrating my driver sources to netvmini sample build-tree. Thanks for this again for informing me on this.

    My whole build is now stopped with below error line. What does it signifies. Do i have to select the correct path or anything else am missing. ???

    MSB6006 "tracewpp.exe" exited with code 2
  • Satya_MishraSatya_Mishra Member - All Emails Posts: 13
    It seems my sources are also using RRNSSS_trace.h. Which is equal to trace.c came with the sample. But still "tracewpp.exe" error.. from where it is generating ?

    I have only replaced .c & .h files in sample netvmini driver nothing more than that.

    And below commands are added in my sources file. Is that i have to replicate these in VS2015.

    RUN_WPP= \
    $(SOURCES) \
    -km \
  • Satya_MishraSatya_Mishra Member - All Emails Posts: 13
    Resolved this problem by selecting correct configuration in VS2015 Wpp_Trace Settings.

    Fix For me:
    1) Below script need to be replicated in VS2015 Wpp_Trace settings.

    RUN_WPP= \
    $(SOURCES) \
    -km \

    2) Resource Script(.rc) file name must match to the project name/target binary name.(Not the solution name) .
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