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Make the exception handler ignore WinDbg breakpoints?

Alex_GrigAlex_Grig Member Posts: 3,238
I'm trying to make a breakpoint (in kernel mode) to print some data, and continue execution immediately. I put g (or gc) to the list of commands to execute.

Unfortunately, in some contexts it still breaks into debugger, which prints:
Single step exception - code 80000004 (first chance)
First chance exceptions are reported before any exception handling.
This exception may be expected and handled.

I suspect it happens when there is an exception handler installed on the current stack. How can I make Windbg ignore an existing exception handler and continue execution from breakpoint?


  • Alex_GrigAlex_Grig Member Posts: 3,238
    Use of hardware (access) breakpoint did the trick:

    ba e 1 address "command"
  • Alex_GrigAlex_Grig Member Posts: 3,238
    >Use of hardware (access) breakpoint did the trick:

    Nope, spoke too soon. Still stopping.
  • Alex_GrigAlex_Grig Member Posts: 3,238
    What works is:

    set 'gc' command for first chance single-step exception. I did it through WinDbg GUI, but there is an equivalent command.
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