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NtDev_GeekNtDev_Geek Member - All Emails Posts: 111
Hi All,

I have a ticketing printer when gets connected on windows, in device manager i can see it appears in other devices section.after reading list i came to know that i need to write a inf file along with mentioning the Vid/Pid.i did that and Usbprint.sys and dll loaded for this device why?? since i didn't mention in inf for any binary to load.please shed light on this.
Since i am new to device driver on windows. want u guys guidence.
1.for this printer whether i need to write a printer driver.???
2.a usb printer driver which sample will be my starting point??
3. Need only a usb printer class filter driver for my printer device.??
sorry for my bad english.
Hoping a positive response.thanks in advance.



  • Slava_ImameevSlava_Imameev Member Posts: 480
    PnP Manager installed the most suitable driver for an interface reported by your printer, in your case this was a USB class ID set to 0x7 which means a USB general printer.

    Answers to your questions
    1. Generally no. Usbprint will handle everything if the printer conforms to USB printer class specification.
    2. I believe you need a user mode printer driver. Printer drivers are divided on the kernel mode and user mode part. The user mode driver is a dll loaded in the printing process.
    3. Usbprint works perfectly with all devices conforming to USB printer class specification. You need filter only if printer has some additional functionality.
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