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REST API for Attestation Signing not available yet

Eric_BergeEric_Berge Member Posts: 30
Just wanted to let people know that it appears that the REST API for Attestation Signing is still not available. I did some experiments with some python scripts to do signing and was able to create a submission, upload a file and mark the upload completed, but once I was done, the dashboard showed the submssion stalled at step 2/11

I contacted Microsoft about this and received this reply:

"Yes, this submission is stuck with below error. Currently the Rest API only supports Certification submissions (via an HLK package), it does not support Driver Signing (a.k.a. attestation)."

Hopefully they will get this working in the next few months since the manually process is painful/expensive. But I thought I'd mention this to avoid others beating their heads against a wall on this.

I wonder though how exactly we're going to find out when this does work and how the REST API is invoked to choose attestation signing. Perhaps that will be a new value for the "TestHarnessType" when sending the "Create Submission Metadata" request.
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