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LWF driver - reusing NET_BUFFER_LIST structures for sending

Daniel_BujnikDaniel_Bujnik Member Posts: 4

I have LWF driver, which is creating and sending down its own packets using preallocated NET_BUFFER_LIST structures. My implementation is working fine on Windows 7,
however on Windows 10 I am observing increase in non-paged pool size. Poolmon points to netio.sys, so probably there must be something wrong in the way I do preallocate and reuse NBLs.

Could you please have a look below and point out what I am doing wrong?

Here is the way I allocate the pool:

NdisZeroMemory(&PoolParameters, sizeof(NET_BUFFER_LIST_POOL_PARAMETERS));

PoolParameters.Header.Type = NDIS_OBJECT_TYPE_DEFAULT;
PoolParameters.Header.Size = sizeof(PoolParameters);
PoolParameters.ProtocolId = NDIS_PROTOCOL_ID_DEFAULT ;
PoolParameters.ContextSize = CONTEXT_BUFFER_SIZE(sizeof(NBL_MYFILTER_CONTEXT));
PoolParameters.fAllocateNetBuffer = TRUE;
PoolParameters.PoolTag = 'ooPF';

pFilter->SendNetBufferListPool = NdisAllocateNetBufferListPool(pFilter->FilterHandle, &PoolParameters);

Here is how I allocate single NBL:

NdisAllocateMemoryWithTag(&pDataBuffer, 1530, NBL_DATA_TAG);

pMdl = NdisAllocateMdl(pFilter->FilterHandle, pDataBuffer, DataLength);

pNetBufList = NdisAllocateNetBufferAndNetBufferList(
0, // ContextBackfill
pMdl, // MdlChain
0, // DataOffset
1530); // DataLength

CircularQueuePush (pFilter->sendPrealocatedNBLqueue, pNetBufList)

Here is the way I send the packet:

pNetBufList = (PNET_BUFFER_LIST) CircularQueuePop (pFilter->sendPrealocatedNBLqueue);



NdisQueryMdl(pMdl, &pCopyBuf, &CurrLength, NormalPagePriority);

pNetBufList->SourceHandle = pFilter->FilterHandle;

NdisMoveMemory(pCopyBuf, pHeaderBuffer, uHeaderBufferSize );
NdisMoveMemory(pCopyBuf+uHeaderBufferSize, pLookaheadBuffer, uLookaheadBufferSize);

NET_BUFFER_LIST_NEXT_NBL (pNetBufList) = NULL; // last element of the list

if ( KeGetCurrentIrql() == DISPATCH_LEVEL )
else uSendFlags = 0;

NdisFSendNetBufferLists(pFilter->FilterHandle, pNetBufList, NDIS_DEFAULT_PORT_NUMBER, uSendFlags);

Finally in send-complete callback I simply return my NBL into the queue:

CurrNbl = NetBufferLists;
while (CurrNbl)
tempNbl = CurrNbl;


// unchain this nbl

result = CircularQueuePush (pFilter->sendPrealocatedNBLqueue, tempNbl);

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


  • Daniel_BujnikDaniel_Bujnik Member Posts: 4

    I have checked my NBL received in send-complete callback and it looks that memory, which is leaking comes from NET_BUFFER_LIST_INFO.WfpNetBufferListInfo. Have a look below:

    NonPaged Paged
    Tag Allocs Frees Diff Used Allocs Frees Diff Used

    Wfpn 13169 0 13169 8426432 0 0 0 0 WFP NBL info container , Binary: netio.sys

    1: kd> !ndiskd.nbl ffffcf819bd0a910 -info


    TcpIpChecksumNetBufferListInfo 0
    TcpOffloadBytesTransferred 0
    IPsecOffloadV1NetBufferListInfo 0
    IPsecOffloadV2NetBufferListInfo 0
    TcpLargeSendNetBufferListInfo 0
    TcpReceiveNoPush 0
    ClassificationHandleNetBufferListInfo NULL
    Ieee8021QNetBufferListInfo 0
    NetBufferListCancelId NULL
    MediaSpecificInformation 0
    NetBufferListFrameType NDIS_PROTOCOL_ID_TCP_IP
    NetBufferListHashValue 0
    NetBufferListHashInfo 0
    WfpNetBufferListInfo ffffe00019128d90
    IPsecOffloadV2TunnelNetBufferListInfo 0
    IPsecOffloadV2HeaderNetBufferListInfo 0
    NetBufferListCorrelationId NULL
    NetBufferListFilteringInfo 0
    MediaSpecificInformationEx NULL
    NblOriginalInterfaceIfIndex 0
    NblReAuthWfpFlowContext NULL
    TcpReceiveBytesTransferred 0
    TcpRecvSegCoalesceInfo 0
    RscTcpTimestampDelta 0
    TcpSendOffloadsSupplementalNetBufferListInfo 0
    IMReserved NULL
    SwitchForwardingReserved NULL
    SwitchForwardingDetail NULL
    VirtualSubnetInfo 0
    NblCurrentOwner 00000018

    Is there any way I could release WfpNetBufferListInfo without calling NdisFreeNetBufferList on my NBL?

    Many thanks,
  • Larry_ClawsonLarry_Clawson Member Posts: 191
    What version of Win 10? The early versions of Win 10 have NDIS problems.

    Larry C
  • Daniel_BujnikDaniel_Bujnik Member Posts: 4
    I am running Windows 10 version 1511 (OS Build 10586.164).
  • Daniel_BujnikDaniel_Bujnik Member Posts: 4
    Ideas anyone?
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