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Re: Sharing more than ?4Go - PAGE_SIZE? buffer from kernel space with user space

Maxim_S._ShatskihMaxim_S._Shatskih Member Posts: 10,396
> So am I being to greedy and it's impossible ?

It can really be so.

>Or did I miss something in order to do it (because it must be possible since I can allocate more than
>4Go of continuous virtual memory in User Space) ?

Probably yes, but not using MDL mappings.

Maxim S. Shatskih
Microsoft MVP on File System And Storage


  • Maxim_S._ShatskihMaxim_S._Shatskih Member Posts: 10,396
    >take 110s to rip 1000 pages of a pdf on the rip software and send the data to the printing software.
    >Then we switched to Shared Memory and it take 48s to rip the same 1000 pages.

    I just can't understand why you do not just plain write your data to temporary files, or use the command line with the pipe like "ripper | printer".

    There is absolutely no need in ripping at 1000pages/48s, if the printer can only print 100 pages _per minute_. In your case, printing will take 600s, and ripping - only 48s of them. Looks fine.

    More so, by using Linux+their CUPS printing subsystem, you can solve your task (using wrappers around GhostScript for ripping) just by configuring CUPS.

    Surely Windows kernel-mode development is not needed here.

    Maxim S. Shatskih
    Microsoft MVP on File System And Storage
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