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ndis intermediat filter driver and windows 10

matthias_heidenreichmatthias_heidenreich Member Posts: 14
we have a driver that was based on passthru DDK sample using NDIS 4.0.
Since release version of Windows 10 it is no longer bound to NICs (worked with RCs).
I tryed the passthru example vom Windows 7600 WDK it shows the same problem.

My guess is that support for NDIS 4 was finally dropped or are there changes in the way i have to install? (currently netcfg -l xxx.inf -i ms_myfilter)


  • Larry_ClawsonLarry_Clawson Member Posts: 191
    Our NDIS 6 intermediate MUX driver also does not install on the release version of Win10. We have opened a case with MS and are waiting for a fix to Win10.

    Larry C
  • if microsoft responses, could you please update here?
    thank you.
  • OSR_Community_UserOSR_Community_User Member Posts: 110,217
    FYI. I also have a call into MS for MUX not installing, I posted up here a while ago, within the last couple of weeks. They have confirmed it is a problem with the notify events, (see post). Not sure if its the same issue as you are seeing though but it may be related. They said that they have a shim for the NetCfg Api's now in NetSetup, and dropped the original NetCfg API's, as far as my understanding goes.
  • Maxim_S._ShatskihMaxim_S._Shatskih Member Posts: 10,396
    >NetCfg Api's now in NetSetup, and dropped the original NetCfg API's

    Oh yes, and they also "dropped" the GUI property page for TCP/IP properties for a PPP link. You need to find and edit the .pbk file (INI text format) manually instead.

    Maxim S. Shatskih
    Microsoft MVP on File System And Storage
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