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Re: Re:Re:OpenEvent fails [deeply OT]

Maxim_S._ShatskihMaxim_S._Shatskih Member Posts: 10,396
> snows in Atlanta and everyone slows down, but it has snowed it Pittsburgh
> every year since the city was a tiny fort, and it always seems to come as
> a surprise to the drivers.

Maybe Pittsburgh has not enough snow removing tractors?

Around Apr 1 this year we had ~30cm of snow in Moscow _for the single afternoon_. The city was not paralyzed at all (though the federal route of Moscow <-> SPb was stalled for half of the day after this, you needed like 5 hours to go out of the city for 80km using this route).

> 3" (8cm) of snowfall; in Minnesota, they don't worry about the schools
> until the snow hits about three feet (1 meter).

Probably this is a sign of more serious approach to road snow removal equipment in Minnesota.

> melt the snow, grab the street, thrust the car about a foot (30cm) forward
> while throwing up the smoke of burning rubber, repeat indefinitely.

Amazing. Sometimes you can avoid this using inertia - just go-go-go without any attempts to stop, using wheels as the steamship's paddle wheels. Sometimes you really manage to do this. Just do not stop.

> of tubeless tires, he used tubed tires

Yes, good idea for such adventures.

> You can, but it is very painful. See the above comment about my brother
> and his Jeep.

He is using tubed tires? yes, this can be dismounted manually. Even by a single person if he/she is experienced.

Maxim S. Shatskih
Microsoft MVP on File System And Storage
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