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Re: dump mode callback [OT]

Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,660
Don't you have in Xen something like VMware's VAssert, VProbes or vmss2core?

-- pa

"James Harper" <> wrote in message
> Further to my question about DbgSetDebugPrintCallback in dump mode, is it
> possible to get a callback somehow when the system first enters dump mode?
> My setup is a bus driver (xenpci) and a storage driver (xenvbd). The
> xenvbd gets called in dump mode, but the DebugPrint hooking is handled by
> xenpci and I'd like it to stay in there.
> xenvbd's DriverEntry gets called pretty much immediately on entering dump
> mode, but the KeRegisterBugCheckCallback I set up in xenpci only gets
> called at the very end of dump mode (behaviour changed to this somewhere
> along the way - I think it used to be called at the start of dump mode).
> The only thing I can think of is to use KeRegisterBugCheckReasonCallback
> and use the first write callback to determine that we are now in dump
> mode, but that seems a bit sloppy.
> Thanks
> James
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