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Re: [nik] [solved] Driver not unloading under XP

Maxim_S._ShatskihMaxim_S._Shatskih Member Posts: 10,396
>The original code was keeping a double linked list of structures that were stored in each devices
>context. When an IOCTL came into the CDO, it would traverse this list, match up the structure based

This is normal.

>To me, this was a bit crazy so I removed all of that and implemented a collection.

For what? list _is_ a collection, and does not require reallocations on additions. Reallocations can fail.

Ever heard on IOCTL code collisions? if you will implement some IOCTL on a _real_ device, then you can collide with another vendor's code.

So, make your own CDO with a GUID-based name, and send all IOCTLs there (and only there).

Maxim S. Shatskih
Windows DDK MVP
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