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Re: Big Shake-Up in Windows Division [NTTALK]

Pavel_APavel_A Member Posts: 2,674
On the LUA, I agree. why to reinvent sudo.
-- pa

On 13-Nov-2012 21:21, wrote:
> "Pavel A" <> wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev...
>> Novice users of iThingies and Android do very well
>> without any instructions at all. They even do not read user manuals.
>> Not only MS invest in usability research ;)
>> /* it was really amazing to see how fast my old man (~80)
>> learned to use iPad. I never ever dared to give him a Windows laptop */
> Your father is probably not the average user right now. But you might be
> surprised to learn how quickly he grows out of that toy for instance when he
> needs a real keyboard to type a real letter on. They could have kept the
> ribbon controls for the Surface or WinRT. I believe their one-size-fits-all
> LUA approach is not going to do much good to either them or to their
> customers.
> //Daniel
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