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[OSR-DETECTED-SPAM] RE: RE:[OSR-DETECTED-SPAM] Re: Re:MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache: Execption unde

Ken_JohnsonKen_Johnson Member - All Emails Posts: 1,559
It is not a bug; you are misusing the API. Kernel mode code trusts other kernel mode code to be correct.

If you were running with a checked build of your driver (on amd64) or a checked kernel (on other architectures), then you would have received an assertion failure telling you that you were misusing the API.

- S (Msft)

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Dear Members,

My driver is based on Plx9x5x sample.
There is no KeRaiseIrql nor KeLowerIrql in other places.

Upon IOCTL request (used to map kernel space to user space) I checked IRQL. It is 2 So I used KeRaiseIrql to make it 1.

I think it is a BUG that KeRaiseIrql helped me to make IRQL=1.

Can you tell what is the reason my IRQL is 2 upon IOCTL ?
I'm aware changing IRQL is wrong.
Can you suggest an alternative so that MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache will not cause exception ?


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