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RE: How and where attach to 'NwRdr' and 'LanmamRedirector-'?

Vladimir_StrogovVladimir_Strogov Member Posts: 6
It works for NT 4.0. For Win2k you should use the conventional notification
mechanism as far as
LanmanRedirector is concerned(otherwise you will be attached twice).
I have not tested NwRdr though.


-----Original Message-----
From: Ho Mun Chuen <[email protected]>
To: File Systems Developers <[email protected]>
Date: 16 ìàÿ 2000 ã. 6:23
Subject: [ntfsd] RE: How and where attach to 'NwRdr' and 'LanmamRedirector

>what i did was to create a system thread in driverentry to call a routine.
>in this routine, the thread will try to attach to the redirector. if the
>attach fails, a timer will be set and the thread will wait on this timer
>before trying again. when the attach succeeds, the thread will be killed. i
>have been successfully attaching to the redirector till now...
>Ho Mun Chuen
> @@ "Not everything that counts can be counted;
><" )~ and not everything that can be counted counts"
> /\/\ ..... Albert Einstein
>----- Original Message -----
>From: Pavel Hrdina <[email protected]>
>To: File Systems Developers <[email protected]>
>Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 5:36 AM
>Subject: [ntfsd] RE: How and where attach to 'NwRdr' and 'LanmamRedirector
>How: Use IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack. Target device object
> pointer you should obtain by calling IoGetDeviceObjectPointer.
> As a name you must use L"\\Device\\LanmanRedirector" or
> L"\\Device\\NwRdr" and you should immediately dereference
> returned file object (you will no longer need it).
>Where: This thing is harder to resolve. You can use timer with
> associated DPC and when the timer expires you should
> queue work item. The routine called in some worker thread
> have to check if the device(s) already exists. If it is then
> you will have to attach to it and timer is no more needed.
> Some other method is less-correct but it will give better
> results. If you want to know this one let me know.
>> -----Pùvodní zpráva-----
>> Od: Brayn Sander Garcia [SMTP:[email protected]]
>> Odesláno: 15. kvìtna 2000 23:05
>> Komu: File Systems Developers
>> Pøedmìt: [ntfsd] How and where attach to 'NwRdr' and
>> 'LanmamRedirector'?
>> Hi devlopers,
>> I need help in the follow :
>> How and where attach to 'NwRdr'
>> and 'LanmamRedirector'?
>> Best regards,
>> Sander.
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