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RE: [ntdev][basic] Question on synchronization objects available in kernel space.

Gary_Little-3Gary_Little-3 Member Posts: 1,208
Or, simply up front state unequivocally that you have no idea, but know
where to look and have a copy of the WDK docs running on your system ALL the
time during development. I've never used a semaphore or a mutex, but I use
the bloody hell out of spinlocks. I have the WDK handy for the times I
encounter things with which I'm not intimate.

They didn't happen to ask about Fibonacci routines in the kernel did they?

Gary G. Little
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To OP:

I can tell you (as interviewer I do interview all people coming to my
company) that if you have no idea what is the different between these this
will be revealed during interview anyway. I can give you a few examples
asking which syncronization privimites you'd use here, and voil`.

You have to practice them yourself - write a few test projects and play with

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