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RE: [WinDbg] Debugging over PCIe to Serial card

Gary_Little-3Gary_Little-3 Member Posts: 1,208
The target system for WinDbg must have native support for either serial
(COM1/COM2) or 1394. The best you can do to add it is either a true serial
card in a peripheral slot. The target requires the serial and 1394 ports to
be available at boot time. I believe a PCMCIA 1394 may work, but there all I
have tried has been on the host.

Also, usually the COM1/COM2 ports are based 16550, not 16950. There might be
a different pin out between the two, though I would think it would work
given the target saw a COM port at the proper time during the boot. Is there
a BIOD option that can be set with the PCIe in play?

Gary G. Little
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Subject: [windbg] Debugging over PCIe to Serial card

Hi guys,
I'm trying to kernel debug an XP system on a netbook which comes with no
serial port and no firewire.
I've bought a mini PCIe to Serial card that feeds off 1x PCIe. The card is
based on Oxford 16950 chipset.
I've installed it inside the netbook (one spare mini-PCIe) and Windows sees
it. I needed to install drivers for a device called multi-port serial
adapter and then drivers for the 2 serial ports offered by the card.
I've successfully tested the serial connection with a null modem cable with

However I've had no success establishing a kernel debug link at boot time.
Windbg simply does not connect to the target.

So I'm turning to the community, hoping others have tried to do the same
thing. Any words of advice?


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