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RE: 520 Byte Sector Hard disk problem

Gary_Little-3Gary_Little-3 Member Posts: 1,208
Unless things have changed, Windows demands a 512 byte sector and will not
recognize the 520 byte sector, at least that's what I discovered at Seagate.
If you HAVE to stay with the 520 byte sectors in the boot sector, you will
have to go to Linux, which uses the 520 byte sector.

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I have never heard of a 520 byte sector HD for general consumer sales. I
don't believe Windows supports anything other than 512 byte sectors and I
have heard there is support for 4KB sectors (2048 bytes), and some of the
"green" drives use sectors of some multiple of 512 bytes. That might be
restricted to powers of 2 sectors.

<> wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev...
> Hi Friends,
> I am connecting a 520 byte Sector hard disk(SATA) to windows OS and OS
> is detecting the disk. But my problem is that I am not able to
> initialize the disk. So I am not able to use the disk. My OS is Win7
> Ultimate 32 bit. I have to make windows intialize the disk so that I
> can issue commands to the disk.
> Can some body suggest what exaclty I have to do to make this work?
> Can I write some filter driver and acheive this?
> Please help.
> Regards,
> Sony

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