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Re: RE:: X64 APC Delivering

Don_Burn_1Don_Burn_1 Member Posts: 4,311
And the answer to your questions is the same as creating a process in
user space, use a user space helper application. You are essentially
creating an unstable solution by attempting to do this entirely in
kernel space. Mucking with many attributes of a user space process are
best done in user space.

Don Burn (MVP, Windows DKD)
Windows Filesystem and Driver Consulting

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> Posted At: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 10:01 AM
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> Conversation: RE:: X64 APC Delivering
> Subject: RE: RE:: X64 APC Delivering
> I would like to do this because is the only way that i known to map a
dll to a
> user mode process address space from a kernel driver.
> Initially i would like to create a user mode thread from a kernel
driver but
> after a week of research i infer that it was not possible to do this
> the native api ZwCreateThread and ZwCreateProcess don't inform cssrss
> new thread / process just born.
> Is it possible with an I/O completion port to map a user mode dll in a
> process??? If the answer is yes can you give me some example code
> Thanks in advance .
> Greetings
> Andrea Allievi
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