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Re: ??: Two files with the same name on my desktop

David_J._CraigDavid_J._Craig Member Posts: 1,885
It is stupid idea to not allow those files to be suppressed on the desktop
when the folder options are set to show system and hidden files. I always
just delete them. I put files in my user directory so I don't care.

"?? ?" wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntfsd...
Yes, you are right.
After I check the attributes of the two files, I found one of the location
is C:\Users\Public\Desktop and
the other is C:\User\root\Desktop. I just made a mistake. Sorry.

from: Doug
to: Windows File Systems Devs Interest List
date: 2009/12/30 1:06:57
title: RE: [ntfsd] Two files with the same name on my desktop

I have the same on my Windows 7 desktop (two desktop.ini files). Right-click
and get the full path to both files. In my case, one was to
C:\Users\Doug\Desktop and the other was to C:\Users\All Users\Desktop (or
something like that). In other words, files from two locations were shown on
the desktop. Life makes sense again :)


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