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Re: [ntdev] How to fake an interrupt

David_J._CraigDavid_J._Craig Member Posts: 1,885
That is a software interrupt and not a hardware interrupt. There will be no device that can be detected or serviced. Far too little information.

"Madhusudan Narayan" wrote in message news:xxxxx@ntdev...
You can try this.
You need to know(determine) the interrupt vector.
Suppose it is 0x53,
Now you can fake an interrupt using
__asm int 0x53

Note: you can't use variable names with "int" instruction. you might prefer to use a switch statement.


On 3/19/07, wrote:
Walter oney Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model:

Chapter 5 The I/O Request Packet:

The "Standard Model" for IRP Processing:

The StartIo Routine $B!'(BIn fact, sometimes the easiest way to commence a new operation is to store some state information in your device extension and then fake an interrupt

But how to "fake an interrupt" ???????

Questions? First check the Kernel Driver FAQ at

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