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If so, you can read more about the community including its history. In short, this the place to ask and answer questions about Windows system software development.

For those of you migrating here from our old OSR Online site:

  • Password Reset Required: If you're coming from the old lists on OSR Online, we've moved your account for you. Use the email address you had previously, and use the password reset your password to set a new password, and you should be all set!

  • Email problem solved? We think we've solved the email problem for the people in the "all email users" group. As of Thursday night (20 September) we're experimenting to be sure it's working, but people should now be getting email. For more details, see this post.

  • Read the FAQ About The Community: As folks ask questions and we answer them, we're building up an FAQ in the "Announcements and Administration" section. Check out the Community FAQ here.

Please don't hesitate to let us know about problems you encounter. Post your questions or issues in the Announcements and Administration (AKA, "A&A") section. Above all, we hope you enjoy our new home and that we all quickly settle down and become productive. Thanks for joining us!!
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